Mining Made Easy: Your Expert Guide to Hardware Procurement and Hosting Solutions!

Mission Vision

Helping 1,000 friends understand blockchain with a healthy mindset and investment philosophy. Through mining investments, contributing to the decentralized ecosystem’s underlying logic.

Mining Machine & Hosting Consultant

Welcome to our Mining Advisory Hub, where we simplify the world of cryptocurrency mining for you! Whether you’re a seasoned miner or a newcomer eager to enter the mining realm, we’ve got you covered with expert advice on hardware procurement and hosting solutions. Our team of specialists is here to guide you on your mining journey, ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability every step of the way.

Consultant & Services

Discover the most suitable mining hardware for your needs with personalized guidance from our experts.

Take the hassle out of mining operations with our reliable hosting services, ensuring optimal performance and uptime.

Expert Mining Equipment Consultation

We prioritize your machine costs and shipping expenses. Our mining machines are shipped from our wholesale warehouses in Hong Kong, the United States, and Russia. We have 95% confidence in the competitiveness of our pricing in the market.

Efficient Mining Hosting Solutions

Based on your needs, we recommend our verified and compliant mining farms. You can achieve geographical diversification and enjoy electricity prices without middleman profits, ranging from $0.045~0.075. The locations include the United States, Canada, Paraguay, Africa, Dubai, and Malaysia.

Estimation and Risk Assessment

We pay attention to your specific issues and provide solutions, assisting you in making appropriate and informed decisions.

Based on your current situation or needs, combined with the overall conditions, hosting location, machine model, and quantity, we provide insightful risk assessments.


Delivering Your Customized mining Strategy Within 30 Minutes

Support for Communication in Both Chinese and English

Solving Your Key Crypto Mining Challenges

Addressing Your Four Major Pain Points

Stay Away from Scams

As miners ourselves, we are familiar with the supply chain for machine procurement. We started with a strategy of diversifying across different mining farms, so we are well aware of the actual conditions of various hosting parties.

Misjudgment of Costs

Most machine sales and hosting service websites that come before you are aimed at small-scale C-end customers, and the costs already include the profits of middlemen. Our plan is reliable and has cost advantages due to our direct procurement channels from upstream suppliers or mine owners.

Mining Profit Doubts

When static data calculations show mediocre profitability, it is often a characteristic of an entry point. Further, we use a discounted cash flow model to assess the potential profitability of different machines and hosting costs.

Unclear Initial Steps

We provide you with a blueprint of the journey from 0 to 1 for beginners, and we’ll help you complete every detailed step of the rest.

Mining Testimonials

Working with consultant Frank has been a super experience. His responsiveness and commitment to providing high-uptime services is commendable. He consistently exceeds expectations, a quality that’s hard to come by these days…

Kyle Simon

Having hosted my machines here for just over a month, I can attest to the excellent service. Their response is swift, follow-up thorough, and uptime impressive. The startup process was also fast and hassle-free.

Mark Foster

This is my second month with the service, and I am truly satisfied. They handle issues professionally and quickly, ensuring that the machines are always running optimally. It’s a comfort knowing I am in good hands

Brittany Foxx

I am currently hosting 1000 miners with Frank’s suggestion. I started out with 50 and then expanded. The team is highly responsive, promptly answering questions and taking care of my miners’ issues in a timely manner…

Kristina Jones

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